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Project Care for Wild

Across Africa, Rhinos are fighting for survival, and the cold hard truth is, that if things go on as they are, rhinos will be extinct by 2024.

In support of these magnificent animals, the Klooftique family has come up with some innovative and resourceful ways to bring in more donations to the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, a charity which we support.

33308759_1244482359020024_546524954804355072_n The start
Our passion for Rhino conservation and the want to help gave us the opportunity to join the “Rhino Hub”; a community of like-minded individuals all working together to raise awareness and much-needed funding to preserve these endangered animals.

The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary — a nonprofit company which we support — is the largest rhino sanctuary and orphanage in the world. The sanctuary specialises in the rescue, care and rehabilitation of orphan rhinos that are the innocent victims of poaching.

With food bills, vet bills, and the day to day cost of rescuing, protecting and rehabilitating these precious animals, the sanctuary has their work cut out for them.

In wanting to do more to raise awareness and funds for the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, we teamed up and came up with some innovative and resourceful ways to grow the “Rhino Hub” and bring in more donations.

Rhino_2 Adopt a Rhino
We’ve joined forces with Raising Rhino Rands, a fundraising initiative that supports various rhino orphanages and veterinary organisations in South Africa. Their initiative is based on selling beautifully hand-crafted fabric rhinos in various sizes and colours where a portion of the proceeds go to a rhino fund of your choice.

Founded by Tania de Maine-Oosthuizen, the initiative provides employment opportunities, a recycling alternative for materials that are often discarded by factories and the opportunity to donate to a great cause.

We loved the project, and it made perfect sense for us to “adopt” their initiative.

In collaboration with Raising Rhino Rands, we provide foam off cut’s, wadding, fabric and any other source of recyclable material that can be used to create these hand-crafted beauties, and in return, all proceeds go to the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary.

These rhino beauties are available for adoption in our store or can be custom ordered direct from Raising Rhino Rands.

Join the cause, adopt a rhino, and together let’s preserve the lives of these precious animals.

Zac-and-Jemu-5 Rhino Raffle Project Care for Wild
Klooftique is running a Rhino Raffle to raise funds for the sanctuary. To sweeten the deal, we’ve got amazing prizes up for grabs!

For every R200 you donate, you’ll receive an entry into the lucky draw. The raffle will take place on the 1st of August and will be announced on our Facebook page.

Rhino Raffle Prizes:

1st Prize
Option 1: Our Cosmo Sofa 2.4m plus an ottoman of 1.1m in 2 different fabric options valued at R22,000.
Option 2: Our Victoria Sofa 2.4m plus 2 Round Ottomans in 2 different fabric options valued at R3,200

2nd Prize
A two-night luxury getaway at the Carpe Diem Lodge in Green Point valued at R6,000

3rd Prize
Fine and Fabulous voucher valued at R2500


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